While the business principles necessary for strategic growth generally carry across industry lines, there are times when it is necessary, or at least helpful, to have industry-specific experience. Therefore we have assembled a team of professionals from a range of industries and disciplines.

In addition, we clearly recognize that the growth experience is highly personal. Some personalities work better together than others. It is imperative that the client and the mentor connect on an emotional as well as a business level. If the client/mentor chemistry is not there, the results will not likely be achieved.

Our Associates

John Chancellor
Mentor/coach. Over 40 years experience working with domestic and international clients of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Clients have included oilfield service companies, restaurants, coaching-business development centers, a software developer, an internationally known artist, a distillery, an advertising agency, and consumer products developers, manufacturers and distributors.

Cheryl Chancellor
CPA/MBA, with English minor and certificates in Computer Art & Animation and Multimedia Design & Production. Over 10 years experience working with domestic and international clients of all sizes in a variety of industries. Clients have included postsecondary educational institutions, product developers, retail stores, independent professionals, nonprofit groups, and oilfield service company, and a natural resource provider.

Mike Manes
A prolific, nationally recognized writer and speaker on topics including: Risk and Insurance, Change Management, Change Architecture, and Organizational Architecture. His passion is the changing face of Health Care and Health Care Financing.


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